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Who we are

The people who make Preview, Preview


Two was company back then with just Chris and Zenon. Preview opened its doors and immediately started helping established creatives improve their quality and delivery with our new and unique approach, offering design with creative pre-press services and focusing on trade services to consultants and agencies.


Preview had fully established ourselves as a creative full service agency, dealing with briefs from end-user clients and branching out into digital online and print services in-house. We delivered this creative offering through a team of seven passionate professionals.


We are now a team of ten – two with 22 years service (guess who), three with 10 years, three newbies and two old faces that freelance regularly - but can never leave. Creativity is still the beating heart of Preview, driving projects forward with the latest digital ideas and print technology.

the faces behind the phone

We're a diverse team made up of highly experienced creative marketeers and project managers, who are also commercially shrewd and practical. We're all about engaging with people within organisations for the long term, building strong relationships and supporting them creatively - producing successful ideas and powerful solutions that are appealing, but also deliver tangible results.

Chris Coughlan

Founder and joint managing director, responsible for writing the cheques and running the creative team, meaning he gets to press the ideas button (now and then)!

Zenon Baynham

Joint managing director and one of the founders of Preview - when it comes to project management there are three important things; detail, detail, detail…

Craig 'jacko' Jackson
Senior Graphic Designer

Designer, technician and flukey pool player...
Can put his hand to most things creative and with a spanner in-hand take on mini-adventures too!

Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelance designer and Preview perennial, brings true creativity, huge experience and ideas to the creative team - Part of the Preview family: 18 years plus

Senior Account Manager and part time Avenger

He doesn't miss a shot with the bow and arrow or a typo in your proofs. Matt aka Hawkeye looks over all projects in the preview studio.

Jack Gray
Graphic Designer

Our resident Spotify DJ, he eats digital assets for breakfast and cake for lunch. He is quickly mastering the art of web design.

Leo Rolf
New kid on the block

Fresh to the preview scene, a very creative illustrator and wanna be skater dude. Adding fresh ideas to every project he works on.

Print Technician

Pre-press and digital print specialist, old school - density and dot structure, best left to the specialists!
Part of the Preview family: 10 years plus

Print Technician

Colour origination and digital print specialist, thinks by numbers and paints by numbers too...
Part of the Preview family: 10 years plus

Richard Lewis
HTML and all things coded

Heads up his own show, but works daily with the team at Preview – delivering out cracking code and website. The man when it comes to digital-!